Written by Steven Tate

In the ever-evolving world of e-commerce and consumer-oriented brands, the hunt for genuine marketing consultants for hire can be akin to searching for a needle in a haystack.

With countless online sellers claiming to be marketing experts, it’s essential to discern the real deal from those who merely specialize in one aspect (such as SEO or copywriting or email). True marketing professionals from a marketing agency are a rare breed shaped by years of diverse experience and expertise.

In this article, we’ll unveil the strategies to identify the genuine marketing leaders and digital marketing agencies your business needs when looking to hire.


Beware the One-Hit Wonders

While a viral tweet, a sponsored Instagram post, or a successful product launch may dazzle momentarily, these isolated triumphs do not define a marketer or marketing agency. Authentic professional marketing consultants are forged in the crucible of time and experience. So, exercise caution when encountering self-proclaimed “marketers” who can’t substantiate their claims.

A bona fide marketing master, the kind who can transform your business from obscurity to prominence when hired, is someone who has weathered the storms of the industry. (You know what they say about pressure and diamonds).


The Six Pillars of a Genuine Pro Marketing Consultant

To identify the right marketer to hire onto your team, keep a keen eye out for these six key attributes:


1. They’re Outspoken (for Good Reason)

True professional marketing consultants are experts willing to voice their sometimes-controversial opinions about their field. They fearlessly challenge the status quo, even if it means going against the grain. In other words, they don’t just tell you what you want to hear, they tell you what you need to hear so they can move the entire brand forward.


2. They Take Storytelling to Another Level

Storytelling is paramount, and the best marketing consultants are exceptional storytellers. They weave narratives by deciphering data and extracting valuable insights. Moreover, they craft messaging that resonates with the target audience so your brand can rise above the noise—this demands a sophisticated storyteller.


3. They Understand and Support Every Part of the Business

Professional marketing consultants know that their influence extends across every facet of the business. They possess cross-functional skills to collaborate seamlessly with all departments, including areas such as sales and product development.

In order to leverage their expertise to enhance all areas of your business, ensure they can establish themselves as not only master marketers but also master communicators.


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4. They’re Catalysts for Growth

Exceptional marketers and marketing agencies are part strategists and part executioners. They set the strategy and then guide its execution, like a maestro conducting an orchestra. To excel in today’s business climate, your hired pro marketing consultant must have a deep understanding of business systems and each function so they can empower and direct team members over obstacles, all while keeping their eye on long-term goals.


5. They’re Lifelong Learners

Authentic marketing consultants are dedicated, lifelong learners. They’re actively participating in relevant webinars or conferences, they’re asking questions, and providing insights. They never neglect reading and writing about their field, recognizing that continuous learning is an integral part of the game—and relaying and applying that information forward is what makes the biggest difference for your band.


6. They Have Futuristic Vision

Staying ahead of trends and predicting them is a hallmark of genuine professional marketing consultants and digital marketing companies. In a rapidly changing business landscape filled with disruptors, the ability to adapt to new trends is crucial. For example, as AI emerges as the most significant disruption since the Internet, marketing consultants and digital marketing agencies alike are at the forefront of figuring things out.

Your entire organization should be able to look to the master marketer hire for guidance, who can envision the long-term, adapt accordingly, and truly lead the marketing charge.


The Takeaway

When seeking to hire an expert marketing consultant or digital marketing company to elevate your business, remember that true professionals are not limited to single marketing functions. Look for these key indicators:

  1.     Their confidence isn’t a charade, it’s forged through years of experience.
  2.     Storytelling is their second nature. 
  3.     They wear many hats to support all facets of the business.
  4.     The leadership skills they provide will guide and empower your entire team.
  5.     A commitment to lifelong learning is part of the game for them.
  6.     They have a knack for staying ahead of industry trends.

In your quest to find the right digital marketing agency or marketing consultant for hire, due diligence can be the make-or-break factor in your decision. At Rank & File, you’ll encounter a dedicated marketing team with a wealth of experience. We know that marketing isn’t just a hope and a prayer—it’s strategy and execution.

Let us help you navigate the path to genuine marketing results, led by true marketing professionals. Meet your marketing match now. 


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