C&B Law Group

The Challenge: C&B Law Group is a Los Angeles based workers’ compensation and personal injury law firm. Two of the largest challenges facing their advertising efforts is also what defines them: being in a highly competitive legal landscape advertising in a space with highly inflated costs associated to pay per click ads. We took on the challenge to drum leads in the form of phone calls and emails.

The Results: We designed their website along with custom designed landing pages, and tracked and monitored user-engagement, and monitored specific conversion actions. With a hand-build search marketing campaign, which often sees conversion rates (on leads) as high as 40%, we currently drive hundreds of leads a month, while the client converts roughly 35% of our leads into new cases. 


Law Offices of Armen Zadourian

The Challenge: Armen Zadourian’s law firm specializes primarily in personal injury, in a highly competitive market. With increasingly high costs to do business in the form of marketing, and the need to drum up a solid deal flow, they required marketing services but without the ability to spend on ads.

The Results: We consult on social media marketing, and developed a social media content strategy which focuses on consumer based impulse searches within Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These searches are typically lower funnel activity which we often capture with the right piece of content on the other of the click, which often leads to the desired form of action of a call or an email with injury case specifics. Since we’ve taken on their social media marketing strategy (all of which is non-paid) the firm has seen an incremental of 30+ leads per month with over 25% of those converting into cases. 


Sharky & Stephen Bail Bonds

The Results: Sharky & Stephen is a bail bonds firm operating primarily in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles. The client is in a competitive local market coupled with a lot of ad policy (e.g. bail bonds are not allowed to advertise on Google) and political headwinds (e.g., bail bonds are being considered for abolishment on the state ballot in next election). Thus, they required marketing services in the form of SEO and Google Business optimization. 

The Results: We designed a new optimized website, with fresh SEO content, along with a new fresh identity. The client also retains to optimized their Google Business, and Yelp accounts, along with create relevant press and PR. Within the first month after our optimizations, leads were up 95%, searches on their listings were up over 30%, and direct traffic is up over 225%. And… we’ve just begun. 


LA House of Prints

The Challenge: The client operates in a highly niche market of print production, and provides dye sublimation and digital fabric services to apparel companies, event production companies, and costume designers to name a few. Although the competitors in the local space are few, the competition is fierce due to a select few players in the industry owning the bulk of the space. 

The Results: We consulted the client on general business strategy, operations management along with performance marketing services. We employed a slew of highly targeted search and display ads designed to reach the end-user with custom intent audiences, and remarketing audiences. LA House of Prints saw a 225%  increase to their business as we continue to generate leads from clients with projects and collaborations that involved companies such as Netflix, Hulu, Marvel, Thrifty Car Rental, and HYPLAND. 


Rawnsley Plastic Surgery

The Challenge: The client, Dr. Jeff Rawnsley, is a premier world-class surgeon and expert in the field of rhinoplasty. They approached us, after spending tens of thousands on Google Ads, with an internal DIY approach, albeit with a low conversion rate. After auditing their campaigns, and we developed a hand-built highly targeted portfolio approach to search marketing campaigns that leveraged all sorts of strategies including on-page optimizations. 

Results: After only two months, we’ve seen a 35% drop in cost per conversion, an optimized site without many of the page load and image optimization issues which reduced bounce rates by 83%. We’re also seeing a steady increase in conversion rates with some traffic campaigns converting at 35%, which is a 250% increase in conversion rates.  We’ve also implemented click to call campaigns, that convert at 50%, consistently. 



Chaviv Hair Salon

0The Challenge: The client operates a newly established hair extension salon in a highly competitive local market of Beverly Hills, CA. Competitors in her field, and within her market spend up to $30k per month on Google Ads and have been in business for decades (vs. her salon being fairly new (i.e. under 2 years at the time of us taking her business on). 

The Results: We developed several search and display performance campaigns augmented with custom intent audiences, along with remarketing campaigns. The client’s work speaks for itself, and they simply needed a strong marketing direction to generate consistent daily leads. With our strategy and campaigns in place the client has received an incremental volume of clients upwards of 30% per month, with a competetive cost per conversion at $9/lead, which 67% less than the industry benchmark.  

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